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Monday, April 30, 2007

If I could change something about Japan,I make Japanese speaking English well Because most of Japanese can't speak English.But now a person who can speak English have a big value. So I want Japanese high school students to not only get a good grade in English but also be able to speak English.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

English Club Hanami

Here are some pictures from last week's Hanami. We - the first years and I, anyway - met at Hamamatsu Castle Park, and had snacks and talked underneath the cherry trees. We also threw the frisbee around, and played some frisbee golf together. Hope we can have a party like this again sometime!

Easter Party

Here are some pictures I took yesterday at our Easter party.

We decorated eggs and had an Easter egg hunt. I had a lot of fun showing you guys this tradition, and it made me nostalgic for my childhood in the US. First is a picture of Aya and two ichinensei students decorating eggs.

Here is Sakura showing off two of the Easter eggs. I tried to get pictures of other students, but Sakura was the only one brave enough to pose! Weak sauce, everyone else.

Here are some of the finished eggs. Unfortunately too many people left their eggs behind, so I might have to eat all of them myself...

Here is Sakura - again - and two ichinensei students showing all the plastic eggs from the Easter egg hunt. At least, I hope that's all the eggs; KMK and Taki hid some of the eggs a little too well, and I'm not sure that we found all of them. I'm suspicious that the gardener stole some of them while we were inside waiting to start the hunt. Anyways, they might turn up next year!

If you have more pictures from that day, email them to me and I will put them up on the blog!

Mr. Adams

Friday, April 13, 2007

If I could change something about Japan...

If I could change Japan, I would ban wood imports into Japan from abroad, because most Japanese wood cannot be sold, and tropical rainforests are being cut down by Japanese companies developing the land. If I could change this, many people would go back to their hometowns. Moreover, regional differences would fade and regions would benefit, and the tropical rainforests would become more protected.


If I could change something about Japan...

Recently, I've been bothered by young people using cell phones on the train. It seems that they don't think of the people around them. This is very bad manners. If I could change something in Japan, I would want to change this situation.

For example, I think that whoever uses a cell phone on the train should be fined heavily. A law about cell phone manners like this should be made.


If I could change something about Japan...

If I could change something about Japan, I would change our cities.

An American who lives in Tokyo said, "There isn't a lot of nautre in Japan. It's hard to live in Tokyo. It's very uncomfortable."

I think so too. So we should plant trees and flowers in cities. Having nature around heals us.


If I could change something about Japan...

If I could change something in Japan, I want to lower the age that people can get a driver's license.

I always use my bicycle. I want to change it because it is hard for me to pedal my bike, and the bicycle robs me of my power. So, I can't go faraway. That's why I want to lower the driving age.


What would I change?

Hello. I'm Ichikawa.

I would add martial arts to compulsory education. Children would have to start learning one of them starting in the first grade. Modern people in Japan lack patience, soul, morals, and so on!!!! (me, too)!!! We probably know the importance of them, but it is almost nothing but knowledge. So, let's learn martial arts and these values as well!!!!!!!

Thank you.

If I could change...

I want to change the groupthink, conference-like nature of Japanese society.
I think it doesn't allow for the creatino of epochal things and new technology.
Not only Japan, but also other developed countries' ways of thinking are very flexible.
But in Japan the way of thinking still remains conservative.
If we want to do a new thing, first we should argue with everyone and come to different agreements.
And if we come to those agreements, after we must again argue that many times.
It takes a lot of time and is mostly a waste.
I think that we should just do something as soon as possible.
We do not need to be afraid of failure.
Failure is a stepping-stone to success.
Now, in Japan, we are afraid of mistakes and busy hiding the mistakes we have made.
But, mistakes are not always a bad thing. They always helps us.
Evreyone thinks mistakes are bad. Does it really say an individual thinking?
Do you really think all thing in your head?

If I could change something about Japan...

I would like to change the school rules in Japan, because in school we must wear our school uniforms correctly and we must have black hair. If your hair color is not black, your teacher will talk to you about dying your hair black again. Therefore, we can't be individuals in how we dress or look. I want to change my hair color! So, I want to change this part of life in Japan.


Thursday, April 12, 2007

What I would change is...

If I could change something, I have a lot of ideas.
But, what is the most serious problem to me is the danger around the school zone.
My friend was in a traffic accident recently.
Fortunately, she suffered no injury in the accident.
But her bicycle was broken.
I have sometimes felt the danger of traffic accidents.
Some roads are not separated into road and sidewalk.
I think we should make safe roads that we can drive on comfortably.


If I could change something about Japan!

Hey Hey!

This is KMK.

Uhooo...It's a difficult topic.

What to write...

Well, I think most Japanese have become hardhearted.

Many japanese forget their own traditional heart or ninjyo.

It's cruel!

There is something wrong with their hearts.

This society is filled with many men and women of low character.

In fact, my fucking friends betrayed me easily.

Japan is filled with cheap and stupid people!

I think it's impossible to change this situation in Japan .

There is only one way!

It's to "save" not to "change".

I want to be a layer to save people in awkward!

That's all!!!

From KMK

Saturday, April 07, 2007

If I could change something about Japan....

I'm sorry I didn't write on this blog for so long(>-<;)

If I could change something about Japan, I would give high school students the right to choose whatever subjects they want to study.

In Japan (at least at my school), the 2nd year high school students must choose for their type of subjects either the literature course or the science course.
In the literature course at my school, we have to choose either Japanese History or World History.
Students in the literature course have to take classes in biology, math A & B, Japanese, English, Japanese history or World History and so on.
In the science course at my school, we have to choose biology or physics.
Students of it have to take classes in chemistry, math A & B, math C, Japanese, English, world history and so on.

It is very important decision for us, because it is a turning point of going to college, and a turning point of our life (This might seem to be an exaggeration, but that's what our teacher said.)

I became a 2nd year student this month, and I'm taking the literature course.
However, I have another hope in my mind...
I want to learn chemistry!!!! But I can't take chemistry class within the literature course!!
I should have taken the science course, but I am very poor at math. I was afraid that I would fail its classes. That why I did not choose it.

I asked my homeroom teacher "Can I take part in just the chemistry class though I belong to Literature course?"
Then he said "That's impossible."
I was shocked and I felt angry.
Then I thought, "why can't we study freely? We should be allowed to pick our favorite subjects from some pre-determined list of compulsory subjects."

I hope there will be a new and good system for types of learning.


Box lunches

Mr. Adams's question was "what would you change about Japan?"

It is a difficult problem for me. I thought about my life.
We had school lunches throughout our junior high school life. I liked it very much!!ヾ(^q^) But when we became high school students, we couldn't have it(>_<) Therefore,it has made my life harder. Recently, I have had to make a box lunch every morning and get up early. So I am tired from the mornings and can't concentrate in class.

I want the principal to build a lunchroom at Minami High School. What do you think?


Friday, April 06, 2007

Topic for writing this week

For this week, I'd like you to write something on this topic:

"If you could change something about Japan, what would you change, and why?"