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Friday, August 08, 2008

Long time no see. Dude? From KMK

HI everyone.

Long time no see.

I'll return to Hamamatsu tomorrow.

I'm into listening to music recentry and especially I LOVE "Dir en grey" and "MUCC".(both these artists are japanese musics)

So,their musics are sentimental,drastic and stimulative, particularly "朔 -saku-"

,"OBSCURE","路地裏 僕と君へ" and "我在ルベキ場所" are my favorite tracks.

You would be better to try listening to these musucs!!!!!

I can't spend days without listening to them!!!!!!

Well,I'll stay at Hamamatsu during Octover and I'm looking forward to see my friends and exmembers of Hamanan English club and Mrs.D'Angelo lol.