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A blog by the students in the English club at Hamamatsu Minami High School in Hamamatsu, Japan

Wednesday, November 29, 2006


My name is Sakura and I'm 15 years old now.
My hobby is listening to rock music.
Recently, I've come to love Hoobastank, so I will go to their concert in January.
I'm looking forward to it very much.
Anko is in fashion among my family. Anko is made from reddish-brown, small beans, sugar, and salt. It tastes sweet. It is used to make Japanese cakes.
Do you like it? We eat it 4 times a week.
I often eat it too much to be able to eat dinner...
I ate it too much again after coming home.
I think I should eat less of a meal at dinner this evening.
See you later.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Yesterday,I had a headache and temperature.So I was bored and it was painful for me.
But today, I felt better. I enjoyed playing soft-ball tennis at night in Agatai GYM(;^_^A

Soft-ball tennis was born in Japan about 100 years ago. It uses a soft ball in the game, but it uses the same court, rackets, and net as tennis. Next time, I want to play tennis with English club members!!
See you later.

I think…

My name is Hiromi.I am 16 years old.
I am listening to Aiko's music. Recently, I have been listening to western music. So I feel  it has been a long time since I've listened to Aiko.
About 5 months have passed since I joined the English Club. Before I joined the English Club, I had not written a long speech in English, I had not watched movies without subtitles, and I had not listened to western music …
I feel these are great things. But, I am not good at studying English…(〇´3`)
I will work English hard(>∩<)/っ
Good night★*゜

today is ・・・

I am AI. I'm 17 years old.
I like bagels very much.

By the way・・・today is Saturday.
Minami High School students have classes.
I don't want to go...
See you♪

Friday, November 24, 2006


Yhaaaaaa! I'm KMK! Yhaa!

I'm 17 years old.

Recently I'm crazy about the PSP!!! Yhaaaa!!!

I bought GTA: Vice City Stories and Ace Combat X about a month ago. And I also installed DevHook and some emulators on the PSP. But...we had exams for all subjects!!! So recently, I couldn't play games. I'll write many pieces of news about the PSP and my daily diary from today!!

My name is Azusa.
I'm seventeen years old.My hobby is listening to music,talking with my friends, and reading fashion magazines.

Today is Labor Day.So there is no school today!
I studied math. It was real hard. I'm very tired. I hate math!!!!

Monday, November 20, 2006

Hi!! I like everyone

Hi, I am Takayuki Ichikawa. I am 16 years old. 4 days ago, I broke my finger when I was doing judo. My finger broke when I fell down on it. I was unhappy! Doing judo is dangerous!! See you!!!

Sunday, November 19, 2006


Hi! My name is Yuka. I'm 16 years old and I like the group Bump of Chicken. Does anyone else like this group?

Saturday, November 18, 2006


Hi,how are you?
I am fine.
What do you feel when you see this picture? I felt it was very tired. And now, I'm tired too. I want to go to bed soon. I feel hungry, so I'll go back home. You'll have a nice day tomorrow!
Good day!

Friday, November 17, 2006

Halloween Party

Here are some pictures from our Halloween party. In the pictures, you can see that people are concentrating very hard on carving their jack-o-lanterns! Everyone is staring at their pumpkin very closely and doing their best.

In the end, I was very impressed with how well people carved their jack-o-lanterns - especially because it was your first time!

Some of the pumpkins were not very scary - like the one with hearts for eyes (!) - but they were all well done. Did you remember to put your pumpkin outside your doorstep?

I had a good time sharing a Halloween custom with you, and I hope you all enjoyed it. I'll look forward to the next holiday we will celebrate in club. Maybe we can do something fun for Christmas too?

-Mr. Adams


Let me introduce myself. ^^y

My name is Naohiro. I like to play soft-ball tennis, because when I was a junior high school student, I belonged to the tennis club. I also like karaoke. My favorite group is "Mr.Children." So I always sing their songs.

 I want to go to karaoke with everyone. But perhaps I cannot. (´ω`)ウゥゥ

My name is Shota Atsumi.
I was nearly knocked down by
the car yesterday.
I was riding my bicycle to go to school. A car came toward me but I didn't stop at the crossing, so I was nearly knocked down by it.

Thursday, November 16, 2006

I'm Hirokazu.This is my first message.
Do you like tennis or Gachapin?If you like these,please E-mail.


I use my bicycle everyday. My bicycle was stolen three months ago. It was a shock for me. Fortunately, it was returned after four weeks. I was very happy when I heard that my bicycle would be returned. But, it had no bicycle seat.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

First post

This is the blog for the English club at Hamamatsu Minami High School in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan. Students can write anything they'd like here - about their life at or outside school, their hobbies, dreams, or whatever else - as long as it is in English.