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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Hi, everyone!! Thank you for writing on the blog!! I'm soooo glad to hear from you guys!!!

I'm doing fine living in the U.S. I'm enjoying!!
Halloween is coming soon, so I'm really excited!! I will go trick-or-treating with my friends!! I'm going to be Raphael in Ninja Turtles!! I've been loving Turtles since I was 3 or 4 years old, so I'm happy to be one of Turtles finally!! Hahaha!!!

Shio chan!!!! I think you did a great job with your speech contest!! I know it is hard to remember the speech and give it in public, so I'm really proud of you:)* Also, talking about Kengo kun, he is awesome!! Please tell him that I say "Congratulation!!!" I'm proud of him too!! You guys did so great job!!!

And, shio chan, please don't worry about using KEIGO(polite ways to say things in Japanese). We will be in the same grade when I come back to Japan, so never mind:)*

Kondoh kun, examination Otsukare sama deshita!! (I think there is no phrase "otsukare sama deshita" in English, so I decided to write it in Japanese. Sorry. I should try hard with English.) Was it mid-term exam? I'm sure you did good on the test!!

By the way, I got new nickname:)* It's "cherry". It seems that my name Sakura is difficult to say or remember, at least in my neighbors. So I told my friend, who can't remember my real name, to call me "cherry". Because my name means "cherry blossom" in Japanese. I was surprised that my name was difficult to pronounce!! They pronounce like "Saqura". I found that there is no sound "ku" in English.

Thank you for letting me know your current events.

I'll write on this blog later.



Friday, October 17, 2008

How are you? Sakura senpai.

Hello.I`m Daisuke Kondo.
It has been a long time since I saw you last. How are you? Are you enjoying American life? This week,we took examination(>_<)It was very hard.It is still warm here. But it may start getting colder, so don't catch a cold, please. Take good care of yourself.

Hello!! I'm Shiomi(>V<)

Hello,Sakura-senpai! On September,I participated in the speech contest. I couldn't win,but I did my best! ←This is Minami High school's precepts(笑)And Kengo,a first year student, won the third place!
By the way,how is your homestay? I wish you enjoy it☆ ・・・when I speak in English, I can't use 敬語. I'm sorry for it(・~・;)
I miss you very much. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Long time no see!!!!! Haha!!!!

Hi, everyone!! Do you remember me? This is Sakura!!!!!!

How are you guys doing?
I'm so glad to read KMK's post!! Thank you KMK!!!!
I think other English club member totally forgot to write this blog, or they are so busy!! I was one of them, actually... Especially the 3rd year students are busy!! They are studying hard for college entrance exam!! Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm in the U.S. for studying abroad. I've been staying here for about 2 months now. It's been so good experience so far. At first, I got homesick, and I miss you guys so much. I miss my family in Japan, friends, classmates, Hamamatsu, Japanese food, and so on. But now, I got used to living here, and started to enjoy this!!! It's fun!!

The weather here is getting cold... I hate cold weather... I heard that it will snow around the end of October or November. We don't have snow in Hamamatsu, so I'm a little excited!! But I HATE cold!!!!!!! What should I do!!??

I know this is too short...but...
See ya!!


Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Keep it up!!

Thanks KMK!!

It's really nice to have someone like you to shake things up a little!!

Some of the English Club members have been busy with the speech contest lately, and they did an awesome job. They really worked hard and practiced a lot, and should be really proud of themselves!

As for the Club meetings, they will "officially" start this Friday. I've got tons of fun ideas - I hope! - and I'm really looking forward to see the club members and show them what's awaiting for the next few months...

Everyone's been quite busy in the past few weeks, but it's back to being serious again!!

Thanks again KMK!

Miss Melissa