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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bat weather often strike terror into my heart.

Good evening! I'm KMK.
So....I forgot to make a new article on this blog...
But! I'll wrote many articles from now!!!Yha!
By the way, I faced a terrible weather yesterday !
When I came back home from kyudo assosiation , I was caught in heavy rain.
There ware violent wind, heavy rain and thunder!!!! OH! I was frightend!
The violent wind attacked my body and bike,the heavy rain attaked my eyes!!!
So I couldn't see my way and I couldn't ride my bike well.
I ride my bike being beared up under fear!!!
I wore raincoat but I couldn't put the food of my raincoat on my head because of the violent wind!
As a result , I came back home with my clothes got wet with rain...
I was tired out!!!

Friday, February 02, 2007

I woke up at 6:30.
I arrived to school at 8:10.
I wanted to go back early.But I had to makeup exam after school.

Then,I did the shopping with mayuko.
I arrived home at 8:00.
And I went to the gym.I walked for 20 minutes' on the walking machine.
I went home at 22:00.

See you♪


Thursday, February 01, 2007

good evening!

Today I was late as usual for school . My credit is too dangerous. I hardly take a class recently.

It is too bad.

I cannot get up early and do not like school.
But, I want to go to university...

what should I do?


I woke up at 6:00.Then,I ate breakfast.It was a slice of toast.
I went to school with Saki by bus at 7:15.We arrived at school about 8:05.
We had 7 classes today.
After school,I went to the cram school,It was about 17:00.I studied there untill 21:00.And,I went home,
I usually go to bed at 0:30.

I have to do my homework... Good night.


Hello, I want talk about my life of a day.

I take about 1 hour till I go to school. And I study all day. After that , I
go back home .

And I sleep for one hour to watch TV and to do homework.

Then I sleep while listening to music or radio.

By the way , I became a director of English club.

But I cannot speak English a little. So I started to memorize English words.

See you.

Long time no see!!!

Fabruary has just come. I feel January passed so fast.
February is my birthday month. I will become 16 on February 7th, one week before Valentine's Day.
The high school exam will take place on February 6th and my birthday.
So high school students won't go to school in those days.
It's holiday, but we have to study at home.
I'm happy that there are holidays on my birthday.
On the other hand, I' m not glad because I can not meet all of my friends at school.
May be, I will hang out with my friends and see a movie.
I am looling forward to my 16th birthday!!