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Saturday, April 07, 2007

If I could change something about Japan....

I'm sorry I didn't write on this blog for so long(>-<;)

If I could change something about Japan, I would give high school students the right to choose whatever subjects they want to study.

In Japan (at least at my school), the 2nd year high school students must choose for their type of subjects either the literature course or the science course.
In the literature course at my school, we have to choose either Japanese History or World History.
Students in the literature course have to take classes in biology, math A & B, Japanese, English, Japanese history or World History and so on.
In the science course at my school, we have to choose biology or physics.
Students of it have to take classes in chemistry, math A & B, math C, Japanese, English, world history and so on.

It is very important decision for us, because it is a turning point of going to college, and a turning point of our life (This might seem to be an exaggeration, but that's what our teacher said.)

I became a 2nd year student this month, and I'm taking the literature course.
However, I have another hope in my mind...
I want to learn chemistry!!!! But I can't take chemistry class within the literature course!!
I should have taken the science course, but I am very poor at math. I was afraid that I would fail its classes. That why I did not choose it.

I asked my homeroom teacher "Can I take part in just the chemistry class though I belong to Literature course?"
Then he said "That's impossible."
I was shocked and I felt angry.
Then I thought, "why can't we study freely? We should be allowed to pick our favorite subjects from some pre-determined list of compulsory subjects."

I hope there will be a new and good system for types of learning.



  • At 7:56 PM, Blogger Luke said…

    Really good post Sakura! I think it would be nice if you could have more freedom to take the classes you want in high school too. But, maybe you can study chemistry in college. And, even if you can't take a class, you can always read books and teach yourself things.


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