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Friday, April 13, 2007

If I could change...

I want to change the groupthink, conference-like nature of Japanese society.
I think it doesn't allow for the creatino of epochal things and new technology.
Not only Japan, but also other developed countries' ways of thinking are very flexible.
But in Japan the way of thinking still remains conservative.
If we want to do a new thing, first we should argue with everyone and come to different agreements.
And if we come to those agreements, after we must again argue that many times.
It takes a lot of time and is mostly a waste.
I think that we should just do something as soon as possible.
We do not need to be afraid of failure.
Failure is a stepping-stone to success.
Now, in Japan, we are afraid of mistakes and busy hiding the mistakes we have made.
But, mistakes are not always a bad thing. They always helps us.
Evreyone thinks mistakes are bad. Does it really say an individual thinking?
Do you really think all thing in your head?


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