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Thursday, March 29, 2007

♪Spring Song ♪

I forgot to write this Blog,sorry.

I think time is very early.Last year,when I was a junior high school student,I couldn't expect the present school life.Because I didn't interest to listen western music and learn English.But I enjoy now!!

By the way,Do you like Spring Song?Every year,I'm looking forward to listen it.
Above all,I like "SAKURA" series.For example,Shintaro Moriyama,KOBUKURO,IKIMONOGAKARI,KETSUMEISHI,Yumi Mattouya…etc.
This year,I like Angela Aki's "SAKURAIRO" and YUI's "CHE.R.RY".It is very good.
Spring is meeting and parting.So I like this season.My favorite word is "Ichigoichie".I want to treasure next meeting.


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