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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Bat weather often strike terror into my heart.

Good evening! I'm KMK.
So....I forgot to make a new article on this blog...
But! I'll wrote many articles from now!!!Yha!
By the way, I faced a terrible weather yesterday !
When I came back home from kyudo assosiation , I was caught in heavy rain.
There ware violent wind, heavy rain and thunder!!!! OH! I was frightend!
The violent wind attacked my body and bike,the heavy rain attaked my eyes!!!
So I couldn't see my way and I couldn't ride my bike well.
I ride my bike being beared up under fear!!!
I wore raincoat but I couldn't put the food of my raincoat on my head because of the violent wind!
As a result , I came back home with my clothes got wet with rain...
I was tired out!!!


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