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Sunday, January 04, 2009

a happy new year:)*

hey guys!!
how have u been?
it seems that none of u guys is checking this blog.... so i guess everybody is busy!!!

i found a nice board game for English club=]* it is called "Apples to Apples" it is an English word game, but not like scrabble. we can play this board game with many people!! basically, each player put some cards which match the best with what they have for the title card(お題のカード). and then the judge will choose the most hilarious matching card from what the players put. we can learn many vocabulary from this game, like adjectives, nouns, famous people and so on. it is a fun game:)*
do u get what i mean?

so if u r interested, u can find "apples to apples" on the Internet and learn about it more. i thought it would be good for my loving English club, so i just wrote about it:D

and if u wanna know about more English board game, let me know!! i will look for some more good games while im in usa=)*


.....i hope somebody will take a look at this blog again!!!!!



  • At 6:31 PM, Blogger Luke said…

    Sakura, I still read the blog, so I'm glad you're still writing on it!

    Why don't you write something about your first Christmas in the US? Did you get some presents? Did you decorate the tree?

  • At 1:21 PM, Blogger Sakura said…

    awesome!!!!!! thanx for checking:)* im so glad to hear that XD
    of course im still writing!! its fun!!!!!!!

    oh yeah thats a good idea!! thanx, mr. adams=]* yup i will write about my christmas sometime soon. maybe this weekend or something like that. thanx for the idea!!


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