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Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Hallo,Sakura senpai!
I'm Minako^^
I' sorry I don't send you e-mail.
I will send it to you soon.

Now, We started group diary and each of us also keeps our own diary and Miss Melissa writes back to us.
All students are taking tarns at writing in the group diary.
To write and read them very fun^o^

Next main activity is Christmas Party!!
I want to make a party wonderful.
Please tell us about your experience Christmas in America!!!


  • At 9:56 AM, Blogger Sakura said…

    Mina chan:)*
    thanks for writing on the blog again:) i'm so glad to read your message XD

    u don't have to say "sorry" to me at all!! i guess u are pretty busy now, aren't u? feel free t send me an email whenever u want to:) remember,"u don't have to"!!

    oh, diary!! it sounds interesting!! that's cool XD yeah, i think it is very good practice for english for u all:)
    i'm glad to hear that u say u are enjoying club activity!! is there any problem in our club so far? I hope not!!

    christmas party:)* sweeeeet!!! yeah, i'm pretty sure that u can make it wonderful=] u are very organized, so u will be fine:]*
    i hope u have a fun fun time in the party!!
    please tell me about it when it's done when u are free. i'm looking forward to it!!


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