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Thursday, February 28, 2008


I missed almost all the exams containing "Suberidome-kou"and I was filled with deep-despair.
Despite this despair,I had never gave up to fight.

And then I managed to pssed only an university:"Aoyamagakuin"the range of the universities of my preference.
Besides,I could pass the law department as I had wished so I'm going to study law aiming lawyer.

Never give up even if you are not so good at your school record but have and stick your best subject now.
I was not so good at school record but holded a best subject of I.
If you good at English,it will be a special weapon in entrance exams.

Please don't give up to pursuade your first choice and there will be a TRIUMPH.



  • At 3:32 PM, Blogger Luke said…

    Congratulations KMK!

    For your information, a "滑り止め校" school is called a "safety school" in English. The most difficult college that you apply to is known as the "reach school." When I applied to college, my reach was Harvard and my safety school was UCSB. In conversation, an American kid might say, "My reach is UCLA and my safety is USC."

    I hope all of you other kids in the English club take KMK as a role model and realize that speaking English and doing your best in club can really help you get into the school you want and realize your dreams.

    KMK, congrats again!


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